My First Trip to Joyful Chapel AOG Church in Aomori, Japan

Saturday 10.15.16

Hello to all who may read this,

My heart is full and I have been richly blessed! This weekend I traveled to Aomori, a city about an hour and a half to two hours west of Misawa.  I went down with Pastor Patrick Sledge of Misawa COGIC.  We left the main gate of Misawa at 0900 and ended up staying in Aomori until 630pm!! We had such a rich time in the Lord with our Japanese brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tomomitsu and Kumiko Shibuya are the pastors of Joyful Chapel Assemblies of God.  Tomomitsu gave his life to the Lord at a young age at the preaching of an Assemblies of God missionary named C.F. Fergersen.  Pastor Shibuya has spoken all over Japan and has even spoken in Singapore.  In fact in Singapore, pastor Tomomitsu was spoken over and prophesied over!, and the prophetic words to him were given by Dr. Naomi Dowdy   His lovely wife Kumiko also moves in the prophetic.  Years ago she dreamed that God would send black pastors to Japan, and its so powerful that African American and Native African preachers are coming to Japan now! Also, she and Tomomitsu have a heart for bringing all of the pastors and churches together.  So, they established the Gospel Celebration Network, a network of 5 Japanese churches in Aomori, and they’ve invited Neighborhood Church and Misawa COGIC to be a part of it!!

So Tomomitsu and Kumiko live on the top floor of their building and the church is on the bottom floor. They do an English class for their children and also have thriving youth and worship ministries.  And in addition to those, Tomomitsu is reaching out to the local community.

In 2009, there was big news in Aomori when Pastor Tomomitsu became the first pastor who served jury duty in Aomori.  He and his wife Kumiko prayer walked around city hall and cried out to the Lord for souls.  The local news came to their church for several Sundays that year. After that, Tomomitsu was contacted by many of his old schoolmates.  And also because of his jury duty, Pastor Tomomitsu was able to speak at a Law School Symposium in Hirosaki.

Pastor Tomomitsu was also prophesied over by Dr. Naomi Dowdy of Trinity Christian Centre in Singapore, that God would use him as a catalyst to bring revival to Japan:

I was not able to get Kumiko-San’s testimony, but that is coming soon!

This video was Pastor Sledge on the keys and Pastor Tomomitsu next to the keyboard. Also, we have Mari-San singing with Takeshi and Kumiko-San running around in the back.

Also….Pastor Tomomitsu is good friends with Pastor Takahiro Ami of Praise Station in Sendai.

Also I was able to learn a bit of Japanese

Kaifuku no Kami – God of restoration

Shou-Kaku– harvest

Itadakemasu–thanks for the meal

It was so amazing being able to go down with Pastor Sledge of Misawa COGIC.  We ended up being part of a Gospel Workshop they were doing.  This was the first time Pastor Sledge and I had ever sung together and I think it worked out pretty good for a first time mini-concert.

We sang “How Great Is Our God,” and “Blessed Assurance.”

Thanking God for the opportunities he is bringing to us…..also this visit blessed my socks off because Kukimo-San gave us her testimony of a prophetic dream she had in which black and African pastors were holding hands and praying for the island of Japan.  This coincided with a prophetic dream my pastor’s wife had when I was about the dream I was in a place where there were pits full of people from different nations and myself and the other person in the dream were assigned to build structures to pull these people out of their pits.  Well when we got to the Asian nations, they had the deepest pit, their pit was full of water, and they were the hardest to get out.  But we got the structures done, and pulled them out.  When Kumiko heard my dream and how it coincided with her dream, she began to pray and prophecy and I began to weep.  It was SOOO powerful!! So I thank God for my brothers and sisters at Aomori Joyful Chapel and look forward to being a blessing to them and being blessed by them.

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