Diving Into Lutheran & Calvinist Theology

Greetings to everyone!

I trust that 2019 is treating you all well.  So my wife and I live in southwestern Germany, very close to the French border.  So of course, we were here for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation last October.  Since we have been here, we’ve visited several prominent Reformation sites.  So I am quite interested in diving into the teachings of two of the most famous reformers, Martin Luther and John Calvin.  As an Arminian and a Pentecostal, I am looking forward to a refreshingly different take on scripture and some of the doctrines I hold dear.  Please check out my good friend, Aaron Tisdale’s site, https://www.missionscs.com/.  He is affiliated with Missouri Synod of the Lutheran church.  He is doing a 180 day Martin Luther Chronological Bible Challenge on his site.  This plan carries you through the entire Bible and once it is completed, it will start again immediately.  Looking forward to it! #Lutheran #Calvinist #Theology #Reformed #Reformation #Bible #Chronological lutherquoteonthebible

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