Being Lutheran – AALC Colloquy Q10

DESCRIBE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE “LUTHERAN.” — Easy! Being Lutheran is a book that was put out by the Missouri Synod! Haha! I’m joking! To be Lutheran is to be sacramental, confessional, evangelical, and in love with the doctrine of justification by faith through grace.  To be Lutheran is to have a high view of the Word of God, the sacraments, the glory of God, and the theology of the cross. Lutherans tend to serve their neighbors and their community.  To be Lutheran means to love liturgy. Lutherans believe that baptism is beyond symbolic; we believe God regenerates through baptism. He gives his people His precious Holy Spirit through baptism. To be Lutheran means to subscribe to the Augsburg Confessions, a quia subscription, that is, not a quaternus subscription.  To be Lutheran means by default to disagree with the Calvinists and Arminians in regards to free will, double predestination, and the True Presence of Christ in the Bread and Wine. To be Lutheran means to believe Luther’s Small Catechism, Large Catechism, Smalcald Articles to be true and proper interpretations of scripture. I believe being Lutheran means you realize that you are utterly incapable of saving yourself or coming to Jesus Christ on your own.  Being Lutheran means that you take scripture for what it says, so that if Christ says that no one can come to Him unless they are drawn to the Father (Jn 6:44, 6:55).  To be Lutheran is to desire a Divine Service that is saturated with scripture, from the design and artwork of the sanctuary to the lectionary readings to the sermons being based on the lectionary readings, everything is intentional.  The hymns are scriptural, the collects and prayers are scripture.  In short, to be Lutheran is to be a Christian who is committed to having a high view of Christ and and His Blessed Word, and a High view of His ordinances for the church; Water Baptism, which bestows salvation to the unsaved, and the Holy Spirit to those who are baptized as adults.  God, I love the Sacraments! The Sacraments are important for many reasons, but ultimately, they point to a very high Christology.  This is probably the number thing that is drawing me to Lutheranism. To be Lutheran is to be Christ centered, and to be Lutheran is to take Jesus at His Word, no matter if He says his flesh is real food (John 6), or if Christ says we MUST be born of the water and of the Spirit. And Christology is on display in a dramatic and powerful way through the Sacraments.  The issue of the body and blood of Christ came to be the dividing issue during the Margsburg Colloquy between Luther and Zwingli.  Both men wanted to take the Word of God literally and seriously. Let’s examine this colloquy further in question 11…

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